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Zootopia English Movie free download 2016


When small town rabbit Judy Hopps (pronounced Ginnifer Goodwin) achieved her childhood dream of becoming the first rabbit to enter the Zootopia Police Department, Police Chief Bogo (Idris Elba) first offered her a safe but boring parking job zootopia

One day at work

Meanwhile, the entire ZPD is busy investigating 14 cases of missing mammals – all predators. One day at work, Judy meets Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), who takes her for granted. But she detains him soon after she has promised a worried otter that she will find her lost husband; With just 48 hours of filing if he wants to keep his badge, Judy realizes that his best bet is to call Nick – who has many contacts – to help him find out who is behind the hunter’s kidnapping, which is a Zootopia peace threat.

Is It Any Good?

Clever and fun, this self-sacrificing cartoon game equals part of a buddy-cop comedy, a water-based fairy tale, and a whodunit mystery. With its healthy appearance, simple but sensual story, and important public comment, Zootopia is a picture of a talking animal that should be watched by the whole family. Judy and Nick participating are reminiscent of old screwball jokes, and the twist of the plot is a reversal of the noir films when the perpetrator is not what you think he is. While the trailer features one of the movie’s most entertaining scenes – when Judy and Nick enter the DMV driven sloth slower than molasses – there is much more funny and memorable to make both children and adults laugh.



Duration: 108 min

Quality: comedy


IMDb: 8.0