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The Royal Treatment free download 2022

Royal Treatment

Royal Treatment is a 2022 American love film directed by Rick Jacobson and written by Holly Hester. Starring Laura Marano as Manhattan hairdresser Izzy, given the opportunity to work on the wedding of Prince Thomas, played by Mena Massoud.

Following its release on January 20, 2022 , Royal Treatment became the church’s most watched film on broadcast service. It also remained number 1 in world films for 2 weeks. However it has received mixed reviews from critics. Most of the actors in New Zealand, where the film was shot.

Lavania prince

The Lavania prince, Royal Prince Thomas, asks his aide Walter to arrange for a haircut. Walter accidentally calls Izzy’s salon, telling her that she will be paid $ 500 for a haircut. Izzy agrees. When she meets the prince and starts cutting her hair, the maid arrives with tea and accidentally drops it. Izzy is devastated by the mistreatment of the host and leaves without finishing the Prince’s haircut. He returns to the salon, where Thomas enters to finish his haircut. Afterwards, Izzy agrees to go with the prince back to the metro and they both share a happy night.

The next day Thomas

The next day Thomas, his fiancée Lauren, and his mother discuss who will be the wedding makeup artists. Royal Prince Thomas’ assistant compliments Izzy’s salon. Her salon agrees and they go to Lavania. Another assistant, Madam Fabre, tests their makeup skills. Izzy passes but her co-workers do not and so Mama Fabre trains them. Izzy will see the province and Thomas will accompany him.

The next day, Thomas tells his family that he wants to do more for the local people. Izzy encourages locals to donate to unlucky children by leaving items at the castle gate. Lauren tells Thomas that she wants part of their new estate to be her workplace. Thomas finds the guard house full of toys donated for the children. Izzy and Thomas drive toys and some royal furniture to an orphanage.

Lauren’s mother notices that Thomas and Izzy are very close. Lauren is not worried, noting that she would like to focus on her business ideas rather than marry a stranger. When their picture ends up in the papers, Izzy is asked to leave. It turned out that the reason the King and Queen wanted Thomas to marry Lauren was because her family could help them get out of debt.