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The Monkey King Reborn free download movie

Tempered Monkey King

After a short-tempered Monkey King is trapped during a visit to the temple with his king Tang Monk, he destroys a magic tree and accidentally releases an ancient demonic king, kidnapping Tang Monk to avenge his long imprisonment. Now, King Monkey and his disciples must rescue their  within three days, before  of the demons regains his full strength and lets his armies destroy the earth.

Bull Demon King

During the Zulu invasion, the Bull Demon King fought and was defeated against the Jade Emperor, the Zulu Ruler. The Emperor’s sister and Bull Demon King’s lover, Princess Iron Fan, convinces the Emperor to let her go and cast her out, Princess Iron Fan, and the other demons to Flaming Mountain. The goddess Nüwa sacrificed her body to rebuild Heaven with crystals. Jade Emperor appoints his nephew Erlang Shen to guard the South Gate, despite Erlang’s outrage over the project. One of the crystals falls to Mount Huaguo, eventually takin. The nine-tailed fox has scars after touching the crystal and was removed with incredible force.

Capture Erlang

. The Bull Demon King plans to invade heaven again through Wukong and capture Erlang’s wrath against the Jade Emperor. Erlang agrees to help the Demon King get to kill his uncle and take the throne of Heaven. The program is hidden from Princess Iron Fan, who is pregnant with the baby Demon . Wukong goes to Dragon King’s palace to acquire the weapons of the Mount Huaguo monkeys. After defeating the Dragon , Wukong is impressed by a stick planted in the sea. He removes it, and he causes it to storm. Bull Demon  asks young Vixen if he would like to reunite with his old friend. He is portrayed as a nine-tailed fox and the Demon as a force to be reckoned with, claiming to have saved his life. After the Dragon  informed Zulu of Wukong’s destruction, Erlang sends Nezha to arrest him.

Duration: 95 min

Quality: action


IMDb: 6.0