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The House free movie download 2022

 The House

The House 2022 adult anthology film 2022 written by Enda Walsh and tells three different stories about the world and different characters, but they are all set inside a single house.

It was first announced as a TV series, becoming an anthology film. Produced by Netflix by Nexus Studios in London, it tells three consecutive stories directed by duo Emma de Swaef and Marc James Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, and Paloma Baeza as their direct debuts; directors were commended for the story of their sections, with Johannes Nyholm as his second co-author.
Mabel, a little girl, lives with her father Raymond, mother Penny, and her poorly born sister Isobel.

The family

After the family moved in, Mabel noticed a few unusual things about the house and the staff regularly repaired it, but her parents seemed amazed at the house and its luxury to notice anything else. Over time, Raymond became more and more obsessed with house decorating, failing to light it up while Penny spent a lot of time sewing drapes (even falling down several times)

house one night

Checking the house one night, Mabel and Isobel find themselves lost in the current course, and they are unable to return to their parents; he eventually stumbled upon Van Schoonbeek’s employee Mr. Thomas. Thomas admits in court that he is simply an actor following a script given to Van Schoonbeek as he had been between his boss and the girls’ parents. Meanwhile, with Thomas’ suggestion a little earlier. When the sisters finally reunited with their parents, they found Raymond and Penny turned into furniture; Raymond in the chair in front of the stove and Penny puts on the curtains.