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Samurai Soul free anime movie download 2021

Samurai Soul

Vivid: Samurai Soul is a 2021 anime movie spin-off of vibrant directed by means of Kyōhei Ishiguro from a script by using Michiko Yokote. The film become released through Netflix on October 12, 2021
In 1868 at Edo citadel, Izou fights many of the soldiers to guard the Shogun Yoshinobu Tokugawa in opposition to the brand new authorities navy.


A few years skip by using and the putting modifications to Kyoto, the antique regime turned into changed with the aid of the brand new one known as the Meiji recuperation. Izou now works as a protect at an undisclosed brothel. . which is an English vocabulary e-book. Thankful for the book, Chihaya notices the scratches on Izou’s hand and asks wherein he were given it. Izou downplays it and informs her that a “tomboy” just gave him some problem. Chihaya becomes interested in the elf girl and requests that she become her personal attendant.

Chihaya’s room

Later, back in Chihaya’s room, Chihaya feeds her new attendant a few food and learns her name is Sonya. . She also exhibits after eliminating her treasured hairpin from her hair that she’s an Elf.

With out wasting a second, Izou fetches his antique katana from the garage vicinity and slaughters the invaders.

The 2 skirmish till a barrage of flaming arrows rain down upon them. Chihaya, leaves the man within the dirt to go back to Sonya who passes out due to smoke inhalation


Duration: 80 min

Quality: action


IMDb: 5.5