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Mulholland Drive English Movie 2001 720p

false promises

Not to be outdone by the false promises of a vicious movie industry, an eyewitness actress, Betty, enters a bustling Hollywood, sun-drenched movie Drive. Filled with hope, and eager to spread her wings and show that she is important Drive, Betty walks into Anti Ruth’s expensive apartment, unaware, however, that plan has other plans in place for her, setting her the scene for life-changing and unexpected events. , unexplained Drive, and unknown.

detailed labyrinth

Now, in the midst of a detailed labyrinth of incomplete facts, obscure memories, unrequited love, and dangerous Drive encounters with the evil face of the city is a strange key to a mysterious keyhole, an unknown indigo-blue cube, a new director, Adam. , and one secret woman: an amnesiac brunette and a car accident survivor, Rita. But, time is running out and Rita’s vague past needs answers. After all, both women are worthy of the truth. What is the secret of Mulholland Drive shattering dreams

Blonde Betty

Blonde Betty Elms recently arrived in Hollywood to become a movie star when she met a mysterious brunette with amnesia Fast Drive is very risky and danger zone for life.

The effect of the half-part, partial driver, and Lynch’s surrealist style, has left the traditional definition of film events open to interpretation. Lynch declined to comment on his intentions, leaving audiences, critics, and members of the music industry to guess what was happening. He gave the film a tag line “A love story in a dream city

Duration: 147 min

Quality: drama


IMDb: 7.9