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Life and Death in the Warehouse free download 2022


Warehouse work is now the most sensible option in many areas for young life people leaving education. Hidden behind a secret paranoid firewall, the distribution centers are the modern Victorian workshops. Pregnant women often fall under the target ‘selection standards’ and are regularly monitored with CCTV and algorithmic, ‘self-improvement programs’ and over-monitoring.


Encouraged by real-world events from Britain and around the world, the series tells the story of a young Welsh worker Alys, who became pregnant. Her childhood friend Megan joins a repository in the immediate management scheme and has been given the task of restoring Alys’ appointment rate. Will Megan drink Kool-Aid to continue her career? And are you ready to risk Alys’ pregnancy?
Life and Death on the Road to Commerce on BBC3 is a reality-based drama about the hard work of a warehouse and starring the winning group Bafta after being Killed By Debt My and Murdered By My Father.

The dark

It exposes the dark and secret world of working in a distribution center. Sitting in Wales and inspired by real-life stories of British shopkeepers, a powerful simultaneous drama tells the story of a pregnant Alys, starring Ackley Bridge star Poppy Lee Friar, who works in a distribution center for less than 60 hours a week. Big Brother style CCTV monitoring that also checks how much time you spend in the bathroom. When Alys’ childhood friend Megan (Peaky Blinders star Aimee-Ffion Edwards) joins the team as a trainee manager, Alys hopes their shared history means Megan will easily navigate her. But under pressure and eager to keep her new job, Megan quickly pushes Alys to the brink of collapse.