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Gehraiyaan hindi movie 2022 720p

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If you are wondering why they gradually abolished Gehraiyaan as “Haushaus Noir” in the days and weeks before publication, you are not alone. A fantastic trailer, some Instagram-friendly songs, and a navel-gazing sadcore aesthetic had all thrown away memories of those words and the slightly meaningful undertones they wore. As the release date approached, the mood changed. The marketing started telling us that Gehraiyaan is an intense relationship drama instead a red look at millennial love.


Whatever it is, for sure. But those of you who have seen it now – and I would insist that those who do not immediately stop reading – know that director Shakun Batra had a wild trick up his sleeve. As it turns out, Gehraiyaan is not a housekeeper at all. It is both things, but separate.

And now it’s clear why no one uttered a word about the crazy tangent that the film continues deep, deep in its third act. It’s a twist that’s so out of the left field that it breaks the film in such a brutal way, so cruel that it never recovers.

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. Zain’s professional life is on the verge of explosion, and Alisha recently discovered she’s pregnant with her baby. He promises to make things right; therefore, the trip to the yacht. The polluted waters of the Arabian Sea are an external representation of their polluted interior, and their metaphorical “homelessness”. It’s intense stuff, solidly led by Batra.

But something goes very, very wrong on that boat. Zain, with a hint of terror in his eyes, offers Alisha a pat. A Prateek Kuhad-esque song plays in the background; deceptively soothing. After feeling that something is wrong, Alisha pretends to be seasick and asks to be taken back to shore.

And this is the moment when the movie explodes the shark. Zain snaps, and tries to throw her from the yacht into the sea.

The reason why none of these twists worked is not because plot twists are inherently a bad thing. They are not. They did not work because they were not deserving. The films had not done the basics; they did not lead us to believe that such a thing could happen, so when it does, it is impossible to feel anything other than momentary whiplash.


Duration: 148 min

Quality: romantic


IMDb: 6.7