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Felix and the Treasure free download movie 2021

Felix and the Treasure

Felix and the Treasure (French: Félix et le trésor de Morgäa) is a 20-year-old Canadian family animated computer film, directed by Nicola Lemay and released in 2021. The film focuses on Felix, a 12-year-old boy who has lived with his mother in the Magdalen Islands since his father failed to return from a treasure trove on the island of Island of Eternal Night

when her mother goes on vacation and leaves her and her baby sister, Mia, in the care of their aunt, she asks for help from Tom, a lighthouse keeper, to go to the island to look for her father.

French voice

The actors of the French voice in this film include Karine Vanasse, Gabriel Lessard, Guy Nadon, Marc Labrèche, Catherine Proulx-Lemay, Éveline Gélinas, Louis Lacombe-Petrowski, Antoine Durand, Tristan Harvey, Kim Jalabré, Geneva, Geneva, Geneva Jean-Beauty and Jérôme Boiteau, while English voice actors include Vananasse, Boiteau, Daniel Brochu, Vlasta Vrána, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Angela Galuppo, Wyatt Bowen, Terrence Scammell, Richard M. Dumont, Arthur Holden, Marcel Jeannin, Mark Camacho, Elizabeth Neale and Eleanor Noble.

Lemay originally

Lemay originally received the project as a classic novel, before sending it to 10th Ave Productions as a cartoon film. The film debuted on February 26, 2021 as the opening film of the Montreal International Children’s Film Festival, before being released commercially in both English and French. Prior to the release of the film, children’s author Bdith Bourget published the film’s release.

The film received two Prix Iris nominations at the 22B Quebec Cinema Awards in 2021, for the first Best Film and Community Award.

Duration: 85 min

Quality: adventure


IMDb: 5.5