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 Young autistic

Oliver is a young autistic boy who uses a smartphone to communicate with people come. He attends school and is well cared for by his mother, Sarah; his father Marty spends most of his time at work trying to make a living. Sarah and Marty’s marriage has been so difficult that Marty is leaving. One night Oliver sees an app on his smartphone, “Misunderstood Monsters”, which tells the story of a monster named Larry “just looking for a friend”. After reading the story, the lights go out on their own. He plays an app on his tablet that points to the face, and points to the face in the empty space next to him. At school, Oliver was bullied by his classmates because of his condition. They lured him into the yard and took his phone and threw it in the yard.

Sarah arranges

One night, Sarah arranges a sleepover so that Oliver can meet people come. Three boys who are harassing her arrive. Oliver hides the tablet as he is shocked by it. One of the boys picks up a tablet and reads a story. The lights go out and Larry appears, but he is only visible through a tablet camera come. Larry attacked Byron, one of the boys, and the frightened boys all blamed Oliver for the incident. In the days that follow, Sarah begins to notice the same unusual things Oliver is doing. With Oliver’s tablet, Larry says he wants to bring Oliver back to his homeland.

That night

That night, Marty takes Oliver to work as a waitress in the parking lot. Larry, who presents himself as a ghoul-like skeleton, begins to trap them. When Marty sees Larry picking Oliver down, he finally believes Sarah and Oliver. They break the tablet and think it’s all over. Byron is traumatized by the incident at Oliver’s home but is outspoken, dismissing Oliver from the case. It has been revealed that Byron and Oliver were once best friends but their friendship ended badly because Oliver accidentally injured Byron which caused their mothers to break up with their friendship. Reconcile the two.

One night at work, Marty is attacked by Larry, who can walk on electricity and often communicate with people through screens. Marty is injured but alive. Larry continues to attack Oliver at his house, intending to take the boy away. Sarah throws away all the electrical appliances in the house, but the TV ends playing Larry’s story before she closes it. Larry takes on a body shape, able to move in real life without using a screen, and begins to monitor them throughout the house. Oliver takes Sarah to a field where there is no electricity for Larry to follow, but Larry uses Oliver’s cell phone that the boys had earlier thrown to catch them there.

Duration: 96 min

Quality: Horror


IMDb: 5.8